Siva R Athreya

Siva R Athreya

ISI, Bengaluru

Siva R Athreya has made fundamental research contributions in three different areas, all of which are in the forefront of current importance in probability theory: Uniqueness for Maringale problems associated with measure-valued diffusions; interacting particle systems connected with measure-valued diffusions; and models from statistical physics like Abelian Sandpile model and River networks. He was elected Fellow of the Indian Academy of Sciences in 2015.

Session 1E: Inaugural Lectures by Fellows

Chairperson: G Krishnamoorthy, Anna University, Chennai

Dense graph limits under respondent-driven sampling View Presentation

Certain respondent-driven sampling procedures on dense graphs will be considered. It will be shown that if the sequence of the vertex-sets is ergodic, then the limiting graph can be expressed in terms of the original dense graph via a transformation related to the invariant measure of the ergodic sequence. For specific sampling procedures, the transformation explicitly will be described.

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