Amitava Patra

Amitava Patra

IACS, Kolkata

Amitava Patra is a Senior Professor at Indian Association for the Cultivation of Science. He is a Fellow of the Indian Academy of Sciences and the National Academy of Sciences, India. He is a recipient of C N R Rao National Prize for Chemical Research, DAE-SRC Outstanding Investigator Award, A V Rama Rao Foundation Prize in Chemistry, AsiaNANO 2010 Award, CRSI Bronze Medal, Ramanujan Fellowship, and MRSI Medal. He has authored more than 189 scientific papers, 5 book chapters and holds 2 Indian patents. His research interests include decay dynamics, energy transfer, and electron transfer of QD, Au nanoparticles, organic nanoparticles and up-converted nanoparticles for light harvesting. He was elected Fellow of Indian Academy of Sciences in 2016.

Session 1D: Inaugural Lectures by Fellows/Associates

Nanomaterials-based light-harvesting systems for potential applications View Presentation  /   View Video

The current status of challenging light-harvesting nanomaterials such as semiconducting quantum dots (QDs), metal nanoparticles, semiconductor-metal heterostructures, π-conjugated semiconductor nanoparticles, organic–inorganic heterostructures, and porphyrinbased nanostructures will be discussed. The fundamental knowledge of these photophysical processes is crucial for the development of efficient light-harvesting systems such as photocatalytic and photovoltaic systems. The impact of size, shape and composition of QDs on exciton decay dynamics and the energy transfer process for developing lightharvesting systems will be highlighted. Potential light-harvesting systems based on hybrid π-conjugated semiconductor polymer nanoparticles, and self-assembled structures of π-conjugated polymer, as well as the significance of porphyrin-based nanostructures for potential light-harvesting systems will be discussed.

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